Call for Participation

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The School of Computing fosters great accomplishments in various domains of Computing. The broad spectrum of research topics explored in our School provides an exceptional opportunity of collaboration between our twenty-two active research laboratories. Inspired by the academic excellence, and magnificent ambience, of the school, the Graduate Computing Society (GCS) invites all graduate students in the School of Computing to the Second Annual Queen’s Graduate Computing Society Conference (QGCSC 2011). The conference will be a two-day event promoting oral and poster presentations with the contribution of key note speakers.

QGCSC 2011 provides a means for our students to present and share their scientific contributions and innovations, even if previously published, with their colleagues and other interested audience at Queen’s. The conference offers a common venue to proactively exchange ideas and facilitate future collaboration opportunities.
This conference will feature two presentation methods for students:

-    Short presentations (length TBD based on submissions)
-    Posters (Presented at a Poster Session)

All graduate students are encouraged to submit an abstract highlighting the research they wish to present, while mentioning the preferred presentation method. The QGCSC Submission Review Committee will notify the presenters of the opportunity to present. Best presentation and best poster awards will be presented at the end of the conference.

More information about the conference, as well as the online registration and abstract submission can be found on the conference website, and questions can be directed to the organizing committee via qgcsc [at] cs [dot]

Details for poster design are as follows:

2' x 3' or 3' x 2' for single presenters For sake of cost, please try to use white backgrounds
3' x 4' or 4' x 3' for groups  

Additional Advice and Information, as well as a poster template, can be found at:
If you are selected to present a poster, submissions will be made in a suitable format via email to qgcsc [at] cs [dot] queensu [dot] by the Final Submission deadline. While many formats are accepted, it is recommended to submit in PDF format, this way you are sure the poster will appear as designed, as we will not be reprinting posters.

Download the Call for Participation announcement